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Head Lice Causes, Symptoms, and ENT/at-home Treatments

Child with head lice being treated by a nurseNo one wants their children to have head lice. Although it is common for school-age children to contract lice, it is troubling nonetheless for children and their families. Lice can be contracted whether the hair or the child’s environment is dirty or clean. Estimates show that 12 million people1 are infected with lice each year and the majority of them are children aged 3 to 12. Thankfully, lice do not carry illnesses, but they must be addressed immediately to prevent their spread through homes, schools and families. Adults can contract lice too, but children are more apt to because they play together, touch heads, share hats and head gear.

What are lice?
Head lice are tiny bugs that feed on the blood of the scalp. They grow fast and multiply quickly which is why it is so important to treat head lice aggressively. According to the Centers for Disease Control2, the life cycle of lice is as follows:

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