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Your diet should not be your kids diet

Diets have been around for centuries. In 1820, Lord Byron, an English nobleman and highly-regarded British poet, initiated the Vinegar and Water diet. In the 1930’s, eating grapefruit with every meal became popular and was referred to as, yes, The Grapefruit Diet (otherwise known as the Hollywood Diet). Other notable diets have included Weight Watchers (1963), Cooke Diet (1975), Slim Fast (1977), Scarsdale Diet (1978), Dexatrim (1979), Fit for Life (1985), Atkins Diet (1992), Zone Diet (1995), and the South Beach Diet (2003).

Whether they work(ed) or not depends on who you ask but one thing remains true for all – diets like these  – the ones intended for adults – are not healthy or intended for children. As the World Health Organization1 states in its training program for health professionals, “Children are not little adults.” They have very special nutritional needs and feeding them an adult’s diet could result in malnutrition, illness or worse.
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