Meet Your ENT Doctors

One of Only Six Medical Groups in the United States to Hold Triple Board Certification in Otolaryngology, Sleep Apnea Surgery and Sleep Medicine

For over 40 years, the ENT doctors at BergerHenry ENT Specialty Group have provided a wide array of advanced treatments for ENT disorders of the ear, nose and throat to patients in Philadelphia.

Common disorders and conditions that our ENT doctors treat include chronic sinusitis and post nasal drip, deviated nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy, allergies, hearing loss, nasal polyps, silent reflux, snoring and sleep apnea (and treatment), tinnitus, TMJ, tonsillitis, ear infections, tongue-tie, vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, neurotology, and vocal cord paralysis. We also offer balloon sinuplasty as an alternative to traditional sinus surgery, cosmetic rhinoplasty (nose jobs), and septorhinoplasty.

Our ENT doctors are highly-skilled, board-certified Otolaryngologists. We are one of only six medical groups in the United States to hold triple board certification in otolaryngology, sleep apnea surgery and sleep medicine. Hospital affiliations include Chestnut Hill Hospital and Surgical Center, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, Einstein Montgomery Surgery Center, Abington Lansdale Hospital, and Abington Surgical Center.

BergerHenry ENT was founded on the notion that university-level ENT care be readily available in the Philadelphia community setting. To bring this vision to life, we rely on multiple, accessible office locations, a team of talented board-certified ENT doctors and surgeons, and groundbreaking technologies. Along with a caring support staff, our ENT doctors have the experience and expertise to make the right decisions and deliver the finest care in a safe, warm and nurturing environment. The integration of these elements allows each of our ENT doctors to offer a rewarding experience that saves each patient time and money, and also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.