Prior to arriving for your ENT doctor’s appointment

Prior to Arriving for Your ENT Doctor's AppointmentBergerHenry ENT wants to do everything we can to make your experience with us as comfortable, convenient, and efficient as possible. So, we have provided detailed information to help you prepare for your initial visit and what to expect once you arrive.

Prior to Arriving for Your ENT Appointment

Patient Forms and Insurance
If you book an appointment online, we will email you patient forms to complete in the comfort of your home. If you decide to complete your forms in the office, please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time. Please be sure to bring your insurance card.

In order to properly treat your symptoms, we would like to know if you are taking prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications. You can bring them with you to your appointment, take pictures of the front/back with your cell phone, or jot down the medication names, dosages, and frequencies.

What to Expect and How to Preapre for Your Initial ENT Doctor’s Appointment

Medical History and Symptoms
Once you’re checked in, you’ll meet with one of our certified ENT doctors in a private exam room. Your ENT doctor will ask about your medical history and symptoms. Next, a physical exam will be performed. Special instruments may be used to gently take a look inside your nasal passages and/or ears. The exam does not hurt.

Bring a Prepared List of Questions
We welcome any and all questions that you may have. Your visit will be conversational so we recommend writing down your questions prior to your appointment so nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

Treatment Plan
Your initial exam will give your ENT doctor the information needed to determine if a treatment plan is required. It’s possible that additional testing and/or medications could be recommended to treat your symptoms.

For more helpful tips, please visit How Do I Prepare for a Doctor’s Appointment?.

If Additional Testing Is Needed

Depending on your symptoms and the results of the initial exam, your ENT doctor may recommend additional testing with a nasal endoscope. It would be gently inserted into your nostrils in order for your ENT doctor to see further into your sinuses to assess inflammation or other possible abnormalities.

BergerHenry ENT also offers hearing tests which will help your ENT doctor determine if further treatment for hearing loss is needed.

Better Health Outcomes and Happier Lives

BergerHenry ENT Specialty Group was founded on the notion that university-level ENT care be readily available in the community setting.

To bring this vision to life, we rely on multiple, accessible office locations, smart application of technology, and a team of talented board-certified physician/ surgeons. Along with a caring support staff, our ENT doctors have the experience and expertise to make the right decisions and deliver the finest care in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.

The integration of these elements allows us to offer a rewarding experience that saves our patients time and money, and also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

Health Insurance and Co-Pays

BergerHenry ENT accepts Visa, MasterCard, Check, Cash, and now CareCredit.We accept most local and major health insurance plans. Insurance copayment is expected at time of service. We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Check, Cash, and CareCredit®. For more information on CareCredit® please contact our office. Please note that if you do not have health insurance, payment is expected at time of service.