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ENT Reviews for Dr. Todd C. Morehouse

Dr. Todd C. MorehouseDR. MOREHOUSE IS THE BEST !!
I suffered horrible repetitive sinus infections for more than 20 years! As I got older it progressed into vertigo as well, which was really awful and kept me away from social functions and driving! I just accepted that I would suffer with this forever, fortunately for me I was forced to change family doctors. On one visit my new doctor asked why don’t I see an Ear, Nose Throat specialist? I was referred to Berger Henry ENT Specialty Group, where I met Dr Morehouse. Excellent, excellent, excellent!! He explained in depth, a balloon sinuplasty procedure that would alleviate my symptoms and I went ahead and planned the one day 2 hour procedure. I had no facial swelling or bruising and returned to work the next day. It was the best decision I ever made and he is truly a miracle worker! One year later, I haven’t had one sinus infection, nor have I had a cold of any kind. ITS AMAZING. I suffered for so long, with vertigo, sinus infection, coughs, bronchitis, that I can’t believe my old doctor never sent me. If you suffer from any kind of sinus issue, I highly recommend Dr. Morehouse of BergerHenry ENT Specialty Group, in East Norriton, PA!! Excellent bedside manner, he explained everything, took his time and I never felt rushed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEVOTION TO HELPING OTHERS BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE.
Elizabeth McGuffin on Oct 16th, 2015

Great Experience
I saw Dr. Morehouse and Berger Henry ENT in Willow Grove. I ended up being treated for chronic sinusitis and eventually underwent a septoplasty at Blue Bell Surgical Center. Dr. Morehouse was courteous and straight to the point. He gave me an easy to understand description of what the surgery entailed, and what to expect afterwards. He arrived at the outpatient surgical center before I did, and had a very brief wait, he spoke to me before I went under and after the surgery as well, again telling me what I should expect and assisted scheduling me a follow up. He preformed the surgery well, and I had a very smooth recovery. I would highly recommend him, I had no feeling that he was trying to do unnecessary procedures to swindle money out of me, and I felt that he cared about me as a person (making sure that I would reap the greatest benefits from whatever choice I made in regards to my deviated septum) and as a patient. Not only that, but the Willow Grove office of Berger Henry ENT had the absolute best, most welcoming and friendly staff. I would go back just to talk to them. I was very grateful for my experience, I never expected to be able to breathe the way I can now, and I genuinely feel that Dr. Morehouse helped enhance the quality of my life with his guidance and expertise.
Natalie B. on Oct 3rd, 2015

Not only is Dr. Morehouse patient and extremely knowledgeable, his staff is courteous, respectful and kind.
Monique D. Clark on Apr 14th, 2015

Having my nose repaired by Dr. Todd Morehouse was a very positive experience. The procedure was most comfortable at Blue Bell Surgical Center, the staff was kind and caring. When I woke up, I did not realize it was time to go home! My nose has been restored to its original size. I would recommend Dr. Morehouse and his staff in his office and at the surgical center to anyone looking for a Ear Nose and Throat physician and staff.
Frances Page Knox on Mar 27th, 2015

Great personality. Easy to talk to and easy to understand. Surgery was a complete success.
tom greer on Feb 17th, 2014

Above and Beyond
My 6 year old grandson had to have his tonsils removed. From our first visit with Dr. Todd Morehouse we felt at ease. His bedside manner is beyond reproach. He was professional and personable. HE TOOK HIS TIME. He interacted well with are grandson taking the time to make him feel just a comfortable as we were. On the day of our grandson’s surgical procedure he had a reaction to the anesthesia. Rather than taking a chance it was determined that he should go into the hospital just to be safe. That night, around 9:00PM, Dr. Morehouse called us at home from his house. He reassured us that there was nothing to worry about and that he would be available to us regardless of the time. He then called us the next day, again ensuring us that our grandson was doing well. I was so impressed with his dedication that now, I am also his patient.
Sean Tucker Sr on Dec 9th, 2013

November 1 Balloon Sinuplasty
I came to this in-office procedure somewhat uneasy about what would occur. From the very beginning, Dr. Morehouse and his excellent team put me at ease. I was dealt with with respect and care and informed at every step about what was to take place next. Dr. Morehouse and all of the members of the team seemed profoundly competent and professional. It was even so that music of my choice was played during the procedure. Of course there was pain, but nothing unexpected. And the directions for recovery were crystal clear.
Gordon Lathrop on Dec 4th, 2013

Life Changing
For many years I struggled with problems associated with chronic sinusitis and sleep apnea. I found wearing the CPAP mask very difficult. Then I saw Dr. Morehouse and underwent surgery for my sinusitis, a deviated nasal septum, and sleep apnea. Following surgery I feel like a new person. My breathing difficulties have resolved and my wife no longer complains about my snoring. We both are very happy with my having had the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Morehouse. to anyone.
Fadil Dermaku on Sep 30th, 2013

Best practice EVER!
This practice has honestly the best, most caring staff and the physicians really take their time to listen to my problems to focus on how to fix them. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!
Aug 29th, 2013

ENT Reviews for Dr. Marta T. Becker

Dr. Marta T. BeckerDr. Becker would be worth any wait! She is warm, calm, reassuring, and most of all, none of my visits have ever seemed rushed. When I perforated my eardrum and thought I would not be able to fly for a family thanksgiving, she developed a plan with clear written instructions how I could manage the flight. I flew with very little discomfort and am very grateful for her care and thoroughness.
Jan 24th, 2016

General Manager
I suffered for many years with chronic sinus infections that went undiagnosed. I have been on multiple antibiotics during that time. Thank God someone who knew me knew someone who worked for Dr. Becker and recommended me to the specialty group. After doing topical rinses for several months everything has cleared up and I feel ALIVE again!!! Staff is wonderful and the office is always running smoothly and appointments on time.
Ramona Ann on Jul 8th, 2015

Surgery without pain and an excellent outcome
I was impressed with Dr. Becker and her team. Surgery without pain. Thank you.
Sam Haines on Dec 11th, 2014

Sinus Surgery
I have been seeing Dr. Becker for about a year for my chronic sinusitis and recently had her perform surgery to resolve a handful of miscellaneous sinus issues. The surgery went great and I am feeling much better. She took a substantial amount of time to explain my options and help alleviate my concerns about the surgery. Much of the work was remediation from two other surgeries I had in the past. Shortly after this surgery I feel much better than I ever felt after the past surgeries. Dr. Becker has a great bedside manner and really took the time to make my wife and I feel comfortable with the surgery. In addition Dr. Becker’s office staff has been great throughout all the points. A couple of times when I have had bad sinus infections and other problems the staff has squeezed me into before the first appointment or at lunch time.
William M. on Nov 13th, 2014

I had my first visit with Dr. Becker and was totally impressed with her. Dr. Becker was strongly recommended to me by a very good friend who had recently been treated by Dr. Becker. He could not say enough good things about her, which I can now see why. Her bedside manner was very soothing, her staff was kind, caring and courteous and I did not feel rushed (even though I was late for my appt.). I’m looking forward to my next visit and if I need surgery, I feel confident that I will be in good hands. Thank you, Dr. Becker and staff!!!!
Karen Caldwell on Sep 19th, 2014

Balloon sinuplasty, changed my quality of life
6 weeks ago, Dr. Becker performed a Balloon sinuplasty on me. It was life changing. I’ve had sinus issues my entire life, complicated with chronic allergies and I can say it is a 98% improvement. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was life changing. I sleep better the chronic sinus headaches and post nasal drip are a thing of the past. The procedure itself was relatively painless, the recovery very quick and the improvement immediate.
Denise W on May 16th, 2014

Dr. Becker is very personable. My initial appt. was for persistent pain in one ear. The physical exam was less than thorough and I left with no resolution other than to “call if I had any problem.” I called three weeks later for another appointment. I felt something was missed the first time around. Again, she was friendly and personable. I told her I still had the same ear pain and questioned if it was mere coincidence that my nasal passage on that side was hard to breathe through. She did a nasal exam and determined I had a partial collapse that she could fix. The surgery went well and she was very attentive in post-op visits. It was wonderful to be able to breathe again and I explained that my ear pain had also been resolved. She paused for a moment and then reasoned that with a blocked nasal passage, I was most likely sleeping with my mouth open which, in turn, created nerve strain from my jaw to my ear. Once I could breathe normally, I no longer slept with my mouth open and my jaw agape. No more nerve pressure equals no more ear pain in my case. Bingo! She does speak fast and I couldn’t absorb all the info at once, but when I told her my brain couldn’t keep up with hers, she happily wrote the explanations and drew diagrams for me to take home. I was ecstatic with the results of the surgery and will definitely return to Dr. Becker if I ever develop ear, nose or throat problems again because I know she’s up to any challenge and doesn’t let her ego get in the way.
Barbara on Feb 16th, 2014

Dr. Becker was wonderful! She eased my mind! I would recommend her to anyone!
JESSICA C. on Jul 8th, 2013

ENT Reviews for Dr. Donald M. Sesso

Dr. Donald M. Sessocalled me at night on the weekend to review my test results. couldn’t believe working on weekend
alan rosell on Feb 5th, 2016

Great Doctor
For the first time I can breathe through my nose. Had surgery 20 years ago from another ENT specialist and what a difference. No complications what so …
Brian T. on Nov 24th, 2014

I can breathe now
After Dr Sesso completed my surgery, I can breathe through my nose 90% of the time for the 1st time since childhood. He rocks!
Megan on Mar 18th, 2011

Excellent bedside manner. Spent more time with me than any other doctor. Explained everything in-depth
Nov 10th, 2010

ENT Reviews for Dr. Lana B. Patitucci

Dr. Lana B. PatitucciAwesome doc!
Dr. Patitucci is awesome! She is so kind, smart and patient! I will refer her to anyone I can! I had sinus surgery with her recently and she did an amazing job! Couldn’t be happier!!
Feb 6th, 2016

Dr Patitucci has a great attitude and is a wonderful physician.
Oct 20th, 2015

Septoplasty and Turbinate reduction
Dr. Patitucci is absolutely wonderful. My sinuses and septum were in need of some work and I put it of for a long time, not believing it could be fixed and worried and someone rooting around inside my head. Several doctors I went to never took the time to explain everything that was needed or why it was needed. But that was until I saw Dr. Patitucci. She reviewed my CT scan with me and discussed every option available. She was realistic with expectations including the recovery after the surgery. I really felt this was personalized and tailored to what I needed and not “how many insurance codes can I bill”. Her bed side manner is very relaxed without diminished empathy. I went through with the surgery to fix my nose and I could not be happier. I don’t snore as much, sneeze as much or go through a box a tissues a week. In short, she really improved my quality of life. But it didn’t stop there. The follow up visits were also handled with the same care and if I need anything I can call or email. It’s been a bit over 8 weeks since my surgery and I’m happy to have selected Dr. Patitucci. You will be too.
Jason B on Sep 2nd, 2015

Dr. Patitucci and staff
First visit with BergerHenry ENT Specialty Group and was more than impressed. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming from the minute I arrived for my appointment. Dr. Patitucci took time to listen and thoroughly explained everything to me. Would definitely this ENT group and Dr. Patitucci!
Grace on Jul 8th, 2015

Dr. Patitucci is awesome! So easy to talk to and she explained my treatment plan in detail. Felt so comfortable with her. I will refer everyone I know to Dr. P!
Jan 28th, 2015

Best Doctor Ever
Knowledgeable, confident, reassuring, compassionate and funny. What more do you need? Love this doctor!
CC on Dec 29th, 2014

I highly recommend Dr. Patitucci! She is an outstanding physician!!
Mar 5th, 2014