Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Did You Know We Can Combine Cosmetic Rhinoplasty with an Endoscopic Procedure to Refine and Contour the Shape of Your Nose?

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Audio Introduction
Do you want to correct a birth defect or injury, alleviate breathing problems, or enhance your appearance? Click to hear more about cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Some people are unhappy with the noses they are born with, and some are unhappy with the effects of aging on their nose. For others, an injury may have distorted it or breathing just needs to be improved.

It is possible to combine cosmetic rhinoplasty with an endoscopic procedure to refine and contour the shape of your nose. Combining these two procedures can decrease healing time as well as patient cost.

One thing is clear: nothing has greater impact on the way a person looks than the size and shape of their nose. BergerHenry’s facial plastic surgeons can answer your specific questions about your needs.

Elective Rhinoplasty Procedures Include:

  • Reducing/increasing the size of your nose
  • Changing the shape of your nasal bridge
  • Narrowing the opening of your nostrils
  • Changing the angle between your nose and upper lip


At times, we are asked to perform a rhinoplasty in conjunction with a septoplasty procedure to improve the appearance of a patient’s nose. This procedure is referred to as a septorhinoplasty. A septoplasty is a reshaping of the deviated septum from inside the nose. It opens the nasal passages to allow for normal, comfortable breathing patterns. Our unique, minimally-invasive technique requires NO NASAL PACKING and no swelling or bruising of the nose or face is expected. On average, patients return to work the very next day.

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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Philadelphia Before and After Images
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Before After Photos - BergerHenry ENT Philadelphia
Rhinoplasty Photos Philadelphia - BergerHenry ENT
Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos Philadelphia - BergerHenry ENT
Rhinoplasty Photos Philadelphia - BergerHenry ENT
Rhinoplasty Photos Philadelphia - BergerHenry ENT