The First Clinically Proven Hearing Aid Allows People to Effectively Hear in Noisy Environments

As we age, we often encounter problems with our hearing whether it’s minor hearing loss or a substantial decrease. According to Shawn Guido, hearing specialist and co-founder of Listen 2 Life Hearing Center there are devices that can help. One such device is a sound amplifier which raises all of the different sound frequencies together, both close and ambient. People with hearing loss are not good fits because it makes normal ambient sounds too loud and the closer sounds (voices most likely) they want to hear not loud enough.

Who Is a Candidate for Sound Amplifiers?

Someone with normal hearing that needs to hear their surroundings better. In this case, the Siemens Binax incorporates spatial configuration that allows a person wearing hearing aids to be able to decrease ambient sound and focus on the closer sounds they want to hear.

The device wire is placed into the ear canal and is barely visible. Guido works in conjunction with BergerHenry ENT in giving patients a complete hearing health exam to ensure that there isn’t a conductive loss or anything in the ear that needs to be addressed medically.

Reprinted from CBS Philly

“As you get older there is a greater chance of losing your hearing. With the advancements in technology such as the Siemens Binax, you don’t have to sacrifice your hearing OR your appearance! Shawn Guido, Hearing Specialist from Listen 2 Life Hearing Center shares his expertise on Talk Philly with Erika von Tiehl and discusses how the first clinically proven hearing aid allows people to effectively hear in noisy environments, even more so than people with normal hearing! The Listen 2 Life Hearing Center provides a full service, from hearing evaluations to working with Ear Nose and Throat Doctors at Berger/Henry.”